A few words about myself

My background and motivation behind starting Oh digits

Natalia Snopkowska

Hi, I'm Natalia

I'm a founder of a virtual bookkeeping firm, Oh digits. I am a Xero certified bookkeeper, holding a master's degree in International Business. I worked for the media and e-commerce industries for over 6 years. My recent position was Finance Controller.

The birth of my child prompted me to start my own business. As much as I liked my previous job, I couldn't achieve a work-life balance working 9-5. Moreover, I've always been passionate about accounting which is logical and beautiful in its simplicity and order. During my career, I learned that not only numbers are the most certain things we have but also you need to know your numbers in order to know your business fully. That is why I created Oh digits!

My friends say I am the most punctual and organised person they have ever met. I believe well-organised records provide confidence and make business life simpler and easier. Not only am I comfortable with financial calculations, but also I enjoy working with people. I value loyalty and trust. When I say I go the extra mile for my clients, I really mean it. I understand that at the end of the day, you need a bookkeeper who’s willing to work for and prioritise you. This means being respectful of your time, having a proactive approach to communication and being able to demonstrate the capacity to understand your professional objectives. My mission is to alleviate the stress of your never-ending day!

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